Improving THE TREATMENT & Diagnosis OF Systemic Amyloidosis

Urgent Unmet Medical Needs

And Our Strategies To Address Them

Systemic amyloidosis patient landscape

Overview & Prevalence

Amyloid diseases are a diverse group of disorders, characterized by the deposition of protein fibrils called amyloid in vital organs and tissues. They are severely debilitating, progressive, and often fatal within 5 years of diagnosis.

Patients worldwide
Over 80%
of patients are undiagnosed
>1.5 years
from 1st symptoms to diagnosis
Avg. number of doctors seen prior to diagnosis

Diagnostic and treatment landscape

Opportunity to build upon early successes & expand subtype target scope

There are no FDA-approved diagnostics for systemic amyloidosis.  Patients currently must undergo a multitude of diagnostic tests to arrive at a diagnosis, and none of these tests can visualize the extent and localization of amyloid deposition across the entire body.

Out of approximately 30 amyloid disorders, only 1 has an FDA-approved treatment.  Current therapeutics for AL and ATTR work by reducing the pre-cursor protein, resulting in the reduction of new amyloid, which may slow disease progression. However, none of these therapeutics directly address already deposited toxic amyloid in organs and tissues.

Total subtypes of amyloidosis exist
Only 1 of 30
types of amyloidosis has FDA-approved therapies
0 out of 30
have FDA-approved diagnostics
Type: ATTR
3 FDA-approved treatments available
Type: AL
Only unapproved treatments available
to advance disease understanding, develop transformative diagnostics & innovative therapeutics

Illuminating to innovate, with our proprietary science

Earlier detection & the potential for better treatment for 30 types of amyloid diseases

Attralus is developing novel pan-amyloid targeting agents that have the potential to illuminate the disease with our first-in-class diagnostic imaging agent as well as directly bind and remove toxic amyloid fibrils from organs and tissues when armed with our therapeutics. Our diagnostic and therapeutic programs provide the potential for a holistic approach for detecting, monitoring, targeting, and clearing systemic amyloid.

Peptide Imaging Agent
Diagnostic & Monitoring
Peptide-antibody fusion
Innovative Therapeutic
Undisclosed Fc-fusion protein
Innovative Therapeutic

About Attralus

Approach & History

Our goal at Attralus

is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of systemic amyloid diseases to increase patient survival and quality of life. Our approach targets the underlying pathology in all systemic amyloidosis diseases allowing us the potential to develop treatments for all subtypes of amyloidosis, including the majority in which there are currently no treatment options.

Founded in 2019

and headquartered in South San Francisco, Attralus is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on illuminating the systemic nature of amyloidosis and creating transformative medicines to improve the lives of patients. The company’s novel, pan-amyloid targeting agents have the potential to diagnose and treat all forms and stages of systemic amyloidosis.

What's New?

News, Press Releases, & Media
Attralus Presents Preclinical and Clinical Data at 17th International Symposium on AmyloidosisAttralus Presents Preclinical and Clinical Data at 17th International Symposium on Amyloidosis
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Press Releases
Sep 14, 2020
Attralus Eyes Further Work on Therapeutic Candidates with New FundingAttralus Eyes Further Work on Therapeutic Candidates with New Funding
Note: Source article is behind a pay wall
Note: Source article is only available to members, but subscription is free
In the News
Sep 14, 2020

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